• John Sheffey received his second kidney transplant on July 30, 2016, after being on dialysis since 2011. He is asking for help with gas money to allow him to get to his doctor's appointments, a 2-hour drive from VA to TN. ...Read More

  • Rescuing Health offers crowdfunding for life saving medical treatments and surgeries in TN. Click now to apply for help. ...Read More

  • Disabled man's family needs $1800.00 to avoid homelessness. ...Read More

  • Nate Bradley needs $5710.00 to pay for surgery. Can you help? ...Read More

Welcome to Rescuing Health, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located in beautiful Knoxville, TN. We are the only local crowd-funding platform for Eastern Tennessee that is dedicated to not only saving but also improving the lives of others around us.

Providing individuals with access to health care procedures and treatments that are technologically available but are financially unavailable, due to lack of adequate health care coverage and personal financial resources.
Rescuing Health is located in Knoxville, TN.  We are currently working to provide fundraising support for people across East Tennessee that may not otherwise be able to afford life saving surgeries and medically necessary treatments. Read more: About how we do it>>
Help & Support
We are pleased to announce that our self-service forms are now available online.  If you or someone else you know needs help, please visit our application page and follow the instructions by clicking here.
We are actively seeking volunteers who are willing to help better our population’s health. We welcome social workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians or anyone else who may be willing to share their skills and expertise with us.  Contact us>

Last Cause List

Raised: $525,00 Goal: $5.710,00

Help Nate Bradley Pay for Surgery

The depression and suicidal ideation rate in the

Raised: $3.445,00 Goal: $3.000,00

Severely disabled man and his family about to be homeless

Steve Hendricks became disabled in December after a

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $225,00

John needs gas money to get to his doctors after kidney transplant

Mr. John Sheffey received his second kidney transplant

Raised: $0,00 Goal: $15.000,00

Transgender Health

  Discrimination: “I was left untreated in the ER

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Insured but not Covered

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