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Help Nate Bradley Pay for Surgery

The depression and suicidal ideation rate in the transgender population is 3x of the general population. Studies show that the rates of depression and suicidal thoughts can decrease by rates comparable to the rest of the population after transitioning.1

Nate is a transgender man (female-to-male) who suffers from intense chest dysphoria (a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify), and is seeking chest surgery to give him a more masculine chest. Like most trans men, this is his most dysphoric body part, and causes him severe anxiety and depression. He has been receiving hormone treatments for a year and the next step is Gender Confirmation Surgery.

While wearing a compression chest binder has helped slow the decline of his mental health that trans people often suffer from lack of surgery, it has given him back pain that affects his ability to work, as well as skin rashes and heatstroke and impaired mobility.

Nate has been an LGBT and mental health activist since he was a young teen, and loves to hike, swim, camp, forage for plants, rescue animals, train dogs and horses, and wants to set up a community garden to feed people. He currently works full-time at a desk job, but 10-11 hours shifts 5-6 days a week while wearing a binder can leave him in moderate to severe pain by the end of the day.

References:1. Gunter Heylens, MD et al. Effects of Different Steps in Gender Reassignment Therapy on Psychopathology: A Prospective Study of Persons with a Gender Identity Disorder. J Sex Med 2014;11:119–126.

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