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June 11, 2019 by

Mark Needs Help Paying for Surgery

Mark Buckley is a transgender male who needs assistance with top surgery. Mark has been on testosterone continuously for a little over two years.
He is a father to a two-year-old daughter, and was the sole provider for their household until recently. Mark got married in December, but the family continues to be on a fixed income because or Mark’s mental health issues. The majority of their money goes towards paying bills, food for his daughter, paying for his mental health medication and testosterone. Mark is a student in the pre-nursing program at South College in Knoxville, TN, who attends most classes online so he can take care of his daughter. Mark, like a lot of single parents out there, has very little help with childcare. He volunteers with a number of local organizations and sings with a local chorus.
Mark has health insurance through the state of Tennessee, but they refuse to cover anything related to gender transition. Mark has been putting away money for his surgery but is unable to save the amount needed on his own. This surgery will help tremendously with Mark’s mental and physical health, as he has been having to wear a chest binder almost every day since coming out to help alleviate crippling gender dysphoria.
Please help improve Mark’s quality of life by donating towards his top surgery.

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