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August 2, 2019 by

Spencer Russell is asking for your help to get the surgery he so desperately needs!

“I grew up in a very religious household (I do not have a problem with religion) and I knew from a very young age that I was different! I didn’t belong in the frilly Little dresses my family continued to put me in, I wanted to be in the awesome dress pants and button down like every other little boy I had ever seen at church. I loved trucks and mud! As I hit puberty, I started getting depressed my family didn’t understand and as an 11-year-old I didn’t understand how to express myself. All I knew was that I was different. After multiple suicide attempts and talking to people like myself I understood what I was going through! I realized yes i was correct for the way I was feeling because deep down I knew I needed to be the man I had always dreamed about becoming!” ( Spencer Russell).

Depression is 4 times more common in the transgender population prior to hormone therapy and surgery. Help Spencer alleviate his symptoms of dysphoria (i.e. state of mental discomfort and suffering) and depression by contributing to his cause. He is currently employed but cannot afford the total needed for surgery. He has saved up $5,800.00 and still needs $2,300.00.

In Spencer’s words: “If you can’t donate please just share; it would mean the world to me! Thanks in advance!!”

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