Raised: $200,00 Goal: $500,00
April 13, 2017 by

Father of 6 and Grandfather of 2 Needs Supplies for Ventilator

Steve left the hospital to have home care from his wife Courtney in early January. After his heart stopped while he was in the hospital, he had to be put on a ventilator. Sadly, Steve’s brain suffered from lack of oxygenation for over 20 minutes. The family is applying to disability, but their case has been on hold because the hospital has not released the medical history to the family or the Social Security office. Meanwhile, the family that used to have two incomes is down to none. Steve was a chef and Courtney is a nurse. She has been unable to work because she has been caring for her husband. They are parents to 6 kids and grandparents to 2, with a third grand-baby on the way. Courtney has asked for help with the disposable supplies needed to keep the tracheotomy tube clean and running. The family needs $500.00 to cover the tracheotomy supply expenses until their request for disability is processed.

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