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Severely disabled man and his family about to be homeless

Steve Hendricks became disabled in December after a questionable hospital stay. His wife, Courtney, brought him home in January to care for him herself. She is a registered nurse and he was a chef. Their household of 2 incomes had no income anymore. Courtney couldn’t work because she had to take care of her husband. When he finally started getting disability in May, she started working again, hoping to be able to pay their back bills. On June 7, when taking the CAC lift to get Steve to an appointment, the wheelchair and Steve fell on top of Courtney from the lift. She has had a back injury and has not been able to sleep. The doctors have not diagnosed her injury yet – they did an MRI of the neck, not the thorax, where the injury is. She is waiting to see a neurologist.
Now this family has  to pay $3700.00 (few months of late rent) or they will be evicted on 8/22/2017.
Rescuing Health has been helping them with ventilator and incontinence supplies. Fortunately, Steve is off the ventilator now, but is still incontinent. We have been calling all the resources in town and nothing is available. The family has applied for Section 8 housing through KCAC, which will take some time. KCAC will not cover past due rent.  None of the charities have been able to help. Placing a wheelchair-dependent individual anywhere is very challenging. They are six in their household, including a pregnant daughter and a toddler grandson.

Update (7/26/20017): TennCare is finally supplying Steve with incontinence supplies! Due do a “miscommunication” from the doctors to TennCare, the family had to spend $300.00/month on those for the past 6 months. We have been looking for a Section 8 approved house for the family to move into by July 21. Their Section 8 vouchers will be for about $800.00/month. We need to collect the first month’s rent and a deposit of the same amount  to move the family before the vouchers are available, at the beginning of September. That gives us a new fund raising goal of $1800.00.

Although Rescuing Health strives to use designated funds to the purpose it was donated for, Rescuing Health reserves the right to use funds donated to a specific cause for another cause. Any funds received over and above the budget of the solicited purpose will be put into the general fund.

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