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How We Do It

It is simple. We ask for private donations via our website and social media pages. The wonderful people in the community donate to one of our causes. Those donations are used to pay for medical care, prescriptions, power bills or rent - because we know that a health-related event can cause havoc in someone's life. Our clients find us through word of mouth or by web search engine, fill out the paperwork, and are contacted right away for a chat. The conversation will reveal the best course of action to help the individual in need.

Ana Gonçalves -Founder / President

Ana is the founder of Rescuing Health. Growing tired of the poor health outcomes she had been observing in her community, she wanted to bridge the gap of healthcare by creating a nonprofit that could provide a financial solution to the problem. However, she didn't want to stop there: she wanted to be an advocate for those who needed help navigating the complex fabric of our healthcare system. Every case is a different challenge that she is ready to meet head on.

Heather Davis -

Heather joined Rescuing Health a few years ago and has been a force behind the organization.

Jack Knoxville.jpg
Jack Knoxville -Secretary

Jack Knoxville is an Afro-Latino Trans Activist, Digital Strategist, and Keynote Speaker.

Jack got his start in community organizing as an activist in 2002 when he started his first non-profit, Free2Be, in response to legislative attacks against the LGBTQ community in the south. He was recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a leader of the civil rights movement in 2002, for his work with the organization.

In 2015, Jack became the first trans-man to run for political office in the Southern United States when he ran for City Mayor in Knoxville, TN. Shortly after his campaign ended, Jack founded Trans Empowerment Project, a 501c3 focused on empowering folks across the gender spectrum to move out of crisis and into empowerment. 

Jack is the Board Secretary of Rescuing Health, a 501c3 dedicated to addressing disparities keeping people in east TN from affording vital medical care. He is also the co-founder of Transmit Media, a company whose vision is to use media to build power for marginalized communities.

Jack's career focuses on creating cultural change through community building and dismantling the white supremacy which exists, especially in queer spaces. 

During his downtime, Jack is enjoying finally living his best life with his wife and 2 dogs, while exploring healing and expanding his own consciousness through art and music.

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