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You may donate to a cause of your choice. Although Rescuing Health strives to use designated funds to the purpose it was donated for, Rescuing Health reserves the right to use funds donated to a specific cause for another cause. Any funds received over and above the budget of the solicited purpose will be put into the general fund.

Jake's Story

Jake Liam Dawkins is a 30-year-old trans man. He has been on testosterone for 8 months and is seeking financial help with top surgery cost.

Jake was assigned as female at birth but has known he is a male since he was 4 years old. He had a very traumatic childhood. He was 15 when he came out to his family and they did not take it well. He was abused by his father and his two brothers. Jake had a friend who said he could move in with her, and her family “adopted” him. Jake tried having a boyfriend at 16, because he was tired of the abuse and feeling unwanted by his own family; he tried being feminine; the boyfriend abused him as well… When he turned 17, he moved in with his grandmother; he felt safe but still did not feel like himself. He had no concept of what being transgender was, but he told his friends to call him “he/him” … he lost quite a few friends because of it. Jake was 19 when he moved back in with his birth mother and the abuse started again.

He was 21 when he found out about transgender people and who they were. He wanted to transition, but his mother told Jake she would disown him if he went ahead with it. Jake hit bottom in 2018, after 2 failed relationships, he did not want to live anymore. His former girlfriend found out that he was depressed and contemplating suicide and got him into a good behavioral health program. That is when he was diagnosed with PTSD, Emotional Dysregulation Disorder, and Gender Dysphoria (the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity to be at variance with one’s birth sex).

Since then, Jake has moved in with very good friends who are like family to him. His friends supported Jake through his transition, which has helped with his mental health state, as Jake feels more like himself now. He still struggles with gender dysphoria, which can be helped with surgery. Jake and Rescuing Health are asking for your help: please donate to Jake’s top surgery.

Stefan's Story

Stefan Buckley is 35 years old and lives with his husband and their 4-year-old daughter in Knoxville. Stefan currently has a temporary set of dentures and is seeking financial assistance getting his permanent set. 

Stefan works full time in the healthcare field in the kitchen at an assisted living facility, but most of his paycheck goes toward paying the bills for his family since his husband is on a fixed income. Stefan first got his temporary set of dentures in 2019 and was told by his dentist that he was only supposed to wear his temporary set for between six months to a year while his mouth healed from his dental surgery and then he should get his permanent set of dentures. Almost two years later he has been unable to afford his permanent set that would fit his mouth much better and be much more comfortable than the temporary set which often causes him pain and discomfort and comes out of place quite often because they no longer fit correctly. Stefan’s insurance unfortunately only covers a small portion of the costs of the permanent set of dentures, and because of his financial responsibilities to his family, which they often struggle to meet as it is, he is seeking help with paying the remainder of the costs. 

Getting his permanent set of dentures would mean a drastic increase in Stefan’s confidence to take pictures with his family where he is smiling with his teeth showing and it would also make it much easier for him to eat the foods that he enjoys. Despite having to wear a face mask much of the time because of the pandemic, he is still very self-conscious about how his smile looks and would love to be happy with seeing himself in the mirror again. Stefan and Rescuing Health are asking for your assistance in helping him get his smile back. Please help if you are able.

Women's Health

The top causes of death for women in Tennessee are heart disease, cancer, chronic lower

respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, and cerebrovascular diseases


Transgender Health

Trans and gender-nonconforming communities of color are among the most vulnerable populations in our country. Trans people overall are over 40% more likely to attempt suicide, not because of their own identities but because of the harm they often face after accepting who they are.

Emergency Medical Services Fund

Donate today to the Rescuing Health Emergency Medical Services Fund and help provide for emergency services for community members in need.

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